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Swimming Pool Fence Regulations — Does Your Fence Comply?

Sadly, drowning is the most common cause of preventable death in Australia among children aged five years and younger. For every drowning death in WA, it’s estimated that at least ten more children are admitted to hospital for a close call.

Swimming pool fencing regulations are therefore rigidly enforced Australia-wide and homeowners who fail to comply with the Western Australian Government’s requirements — these are enforced by local WA councils — are subject to hefty fines.

As a result, you must have your swimming pool fence installed by a council approved fencing contractor, one that will arrange the required building permit. Building permits aren’t only necessary for ensuring that all standards are adhered to, they’re also required for registration purposes so that periodic inspections can take place.

Requirements for Pool Fencing in Western Australia

The swimming pool fencing and gates on your property need to be of a minimum height, constructed of approved materials, with all palings or posts of a specified distance apart.

Height — The minimum height of your swimming pool fence is 1200mm. The lowest upper horizontal member must be at least 900mm above the ground and the highest lower horizontal member must be at least 1100mm below the top of the fence.

Materials — Swimming pool fences must be made of durable materials that meet the strength requirements set by regulations. All our fencing materials meet the strict standards put in place by the Western Australian Government to protect children.

Climbable Objects — Measured from the top of the fence, any object considered climbable by a child must not be within a distance of 1200mm. Any object providing a foothold for a young child is considered a climbable object. This includes non-permanent objects, like barbecues, as well as natural objects like plants and trees.

It’s advisable that homeowners talk to their neighbours about fencing requirements so everyone is aware that any modifications made, including planting a tree or moving a barbecue, which may impact upon compliance with Western Australia’s pool fence regulations.

For further information please refer to rules for pools and spas, or contact Sheriff Fencing today for the safest pool fencing Mandurah has to offer.